This drives me crazy. The media trumps up a crazy flimsy story against Rick Perry that states that there is a sign on hunting grounds Perry used which contains a racial epithet.

And instead of other Republicans denouncing this desperate story, some jump on the media bandwagon and start kicking the previously kicked. First, it was Herman Cain who jumped ugly on Perry and then, of course, Mitt Romney kicked him when he was down.

Mitt Romney said that the racial epithet that served as the name of Rick Perry’s Texas hunting lodge was “offensive” in a interview Monday with Sean Hannity.

“I’ve followed it from afar,” Romney said. “I think it’s offensive. I think most people think it’s offensive.”

Romney joins Herman Cain – who said that the slur was “insensitive” – in denouncing the name of the camp. But Cain backtracked from his criticism Monday after a harsh reaction from the conservative blogosphere, insisting that he was not “playing the race card.”

Both think they’re being cute by referring to the rock as “offensive” and “insensitive” but both also know it’s an indirect way of keeping the story going and “racism” and “Perry” in the same sentence.

It’s despicable.

It was left to a African American Democrat from Texas to defend Perry.

Wallace Jefferson, the first black chief justice of the Texas Supreme Court, said the hunting ranch name controversy is “much ado about nothing” and argued the implication that Rick Perry is insensitive to matters of race is flatly wrong. Jefferson, who was appointed to the post by Perry, and whose great-great-great-grandfather was a slave owned by a Waco district judge, said the reality is quite the opposite: Perry “appreciates the role diversity plays in our state and nation.”

Other Democrats also defended Perry while Cain and Rommney teamed up with the vultures.

Perry’s father painted over the rock with the offensive slur but the vulture media is ignoring the recent photos that surfaced on Big Government of Obama campaigning wtih the New Black Panther Party in 2007.

It was always bad enough when Republicans just stood by and watched other Republicans get savaged but now they’re joining in.

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