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Will the GOP Defend Religious Liberty?

Today, a House committee heard testimony from religious leaders on the HHS mandate. And bills are active in the House and Senate defending Christians from the contraceptive mandate. And I even saw a political ad on this issue today. I’d… Continue Reading →

When Republicans Attack…Republicans

This drives me crazy. The media trumps up a crazy flimsy story against Rick Perry that states that there is a sign on hunting grounds Perry used which contains a racial epithet. And instead of other Republicans denouncing this desperate… Continue Reading →

This Is Your Team

As I think Barack Obama is destroying this country more effectively than Godzilla took out Tokyo I sat down to watch the debate the other night. As they came out I saw John Huntsman, Ron Paul, Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum,… Continue Reading →

Catholic Senator Embraced by Priest After Vote for Gay Marriage?

Catholic State Senator in New York Jim Alesi claims he was applauded at Mass and was embraced by his priest after his vote for gay marriage in New York. And then he gets even more offensive. Check out Thomas Peters… Continue Reading →

Columnist: How to Deal With Republicans. Ha!

San Francisco Gate columnist Jon Carroll writes his thoughts on dealing with Republicans even though he admits he doesn’t know any. Hilarity ensues. I thought about fisking it but really it’s just so perfect on its own. And by perfect… Continue Reading →

A Standoff for Life?

The Hill is reporting that 41 Senate Democrats are drawing a line in a the sand by publicly opposing the House passed bill to cut federal funding for Planned Parenthood. In a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.)… Continue Reading →

Conservatives Are the GOP’s Gays

Are conservatives the Republican’s gays? I’m serious. Just this week the Dems introduced legislation in the House and the Senate to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. They know that this has absolutely no chance of passing. None. But they’re… Continue Reading →

Crabby Old Eugenics Advocate Resigns

A 92 year old Republican state legislator resigned after advocating shipping all “defective people” off to Siberia to die. Oh yeah, and he probably told you to get off his lawn too. The Daily Caller reports: New Hampshire’s Martin Harty,… Continue Reading →


This would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad. This is exactly the kind of politics that makes me sick and reminds me why I’m skeptical as heck of the GOP actually doing anything worthwhile. A Republican is asked whether… Continue Reading →

I’m a Pro-Gridlock American

Last night I watched all the different news programs. I even watched MSNBC for a while if you can believe it. All of the media at one point or another bemoaned that the Republican gains would mean GRIDLOCK!!!!! Oh Nooooooooooo…. Continue Reading →

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