Last night I watched all the different news programs. I even watched MSNBC for a while if you can believe it. All of the media at one point or another bemoaned that the Republican gains would mean GRIDLOCK!!!!! Oh Nooooooooooo.

But I’ll admit it, I am a pro-gridlock American. Is that wrong to say? I don’t think so mainly because I believe one of the biggest problems America has is the government. The only thing I can hope for while Barack Obama is President is to put a stop to his GROW THE GOVERNMENT plans. That’s all. Isn’t gridlock what the American people really voted for last night. Didn’t they ask the GOP to put the brakes on the government last night?

Maybe that’s something many in the media don’t get. The difference between the parties isn’t just two rival gangs that hate each other even though they can’t remember why. It really is a clash of philosophies. One believes that the answer to many problems is more government while the other believes that less government is usually the answer. One believes in the right to kill the unborn, the other doesn’t. These are pretty fundamental issues so I don’t see how anything but gridlock is possible unless one side makes a move toward the other. And let’s face it, after this election there’s little chance the Republicans will start voting for tax increases or new spending programs mainly because they know they’re on double secret probation with the Tea Partiers who will start a new political party if they get all wobbly. And does anyone see Obama tacking to the center? I don’t.

The best I can hope for is gridlock. I’m a pro-gridlock American. You?