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Other than the Arrests and Rapes…

Yes. Other than the rapes, arrests, the public masturbation, the way the media covers them, the garbage and oh, the overall philosophies being 180 degrees opposed to each other, the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street movement are exactly… Continue Reading →

They Thought the Tea Party Was Bad

Conservative witches casting spells against those in government trying to raise their taxes? And libs thought the Tea Party was bad. MOGOSOIA, Romania (AP) — Solace for world leaders trying to enforce painful austerity measures: At least you’re not running… Continue Reading →

I’m a Pro-Gridlock American

Last night I watched all the different news programs. I even watched MSNBC for a while if you can believe it. All of the media at one point or another bemoaned that the Republican gains would mean GRIDLOCK!!!!! Oh Nooooooooooo…. Continue Reading →

Krugman: Tea Party a Wanna’ Be KKK

Paul Krugman of the New York Times is despicable. Today, he wrote: A note to Tea Party activists: This is not the movie you think it is. You probably imagine that you’re starring in “The Birth of a Nation,” but… Continue Reading →

Maybe I Take a Dim View of Americans But…

Maybe I take a dim view of Americans but I believe the liberal strategy to label the “Tea Party” or anyone on the right as “racist” will work. And don’t tell me it’s not a strategy by the liberals to… Continue Reading →

The Cult of Personality vs. We the People

This is an odd moment in politics. We’re often told that THIS election is THE most important election…ever! Even when they’re not they sometimes still feel like it. While it can be argued that 2010 and 2012 are two of… Continue Reading →

McCain To Taser Illegals

(The Disassociated Press) In a stunning new web ad expected to only be released if Senator John McCain falls behind in the polls to his Republican primary opponent, the beleaguered former Presidential candidate is expected to taser a family of… Continue Reading →

How Republicans Can Get on TV

Republicans are always complaining that the media is biased. And I’m like “What?!” My goodness there are Republicans all over news programs. David Gergen, David Frum, Kathleen Parker are on television all the time. All Republicans have to do to… Continue Reading →

CNN on the Coffee Party and Tea Party

Check out CNN’s love letter to the left leaning “Coffee Party”: (CNN) — In one chair sits a rural retiree, his financial security shot in the slump, a humble Southerner who’s never thought much about politics. In another seat is… Continue Reading →

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