Paul Krugman of the New York Times is despicable. Today, he wrote:

A note to Tea Party activists: This is not the movie you think it is. You probably imagine that you’re starring in “The Birth of a Nation,” but you’re actually just extras in a remake of “Citizen Kane.”

CNN’s Rick Sanchez got fired for calling Jon Stewart a bigot but Krugman is huzzahed for calling Tea Partiers Klansmen.

(For those who don’t know the movie “Birth of a Nation” is a silent movie where the Klan is portrayed as heroes.)

And for those uninterested in doing the math, a recent poll indicated that 30% of Americans support the Tea Party. So yeah, The New York Times columnist just called 30% of Americans Klansmen. Weird to think that the New York Times is in so much trouble, huh?

Don’t even bother reading the rest of the Krugman piece because it’s really stupid in that its thesis is that the evil Rupert Murdoch is pulling all the strings of the Republican Party because he has Sarah Palin and Rick Santorum as paid analysts.