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I Call B.S. on the New York Times

When I was a reporter I’d sometimes hear a reporter come back with an anonymous quote for a story that was just perfect. I mean a perfectly perfect quote from an anonymous source. A source that said exactly what the… Continue Reading →

PETA Accuses NYTimes of Necrophilia

How awesome is that headline? The kicker is that it’s true. PETA, the animal rights organization that’s starting their own porn site, is accusing the New York Times of necrophilia for running this picture. The Atlantic Wire has the quote:… Continue Reading →

Twin Reduction Horror

It’s not an abortion. It’s not killing. It’s just a “reduction.” Well, if you read the New York Times, that’s the idea you’d come away with. I could write up the horror this article reveals about our culture but Sister… Continue Reading →

NYT Compares U.S. Troops to Beasts

On the heels of the much heralded heroism exhibited by the Navy Seals in the mission to take out Bin Laden, the New York Times Magazine slanders all fighting men and women by comparing them to “beasts.” I don’t even… Continue Reading →

Military Chaplains for Atheists?

Atheists are pushing for the military to have chaplains for atheists in the military. Uhm, we already have them. They’re called chaplains. An atheist has as much right to go see a chaplain as anyone else. If an atheist wants… Continue Reading →

Anti Catholicism at Time Inc?

Did anti-Catholicism play a role in Time Inc forcing their CEO out the door? This story in the New York Times might make you think so. But the story is notable for a couple of reasons. The Times reports that… Continue Reading →

Obama’s Gift to the Egyptian People

This has to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever read. Honestly. It’s been shown that President Obama’s administration was all over the map on this Egypt thing, to the point of seeming foolish. But Thomas Friedman of the… Continue Reading →

NY Times: Hot Women are Pro-Life

Hot women are pro-life. Hey,it’s not me saying it. It’s the New York Times. And oddly enough they don’t seem thrilled about it. Doing her best imitation of the Wicked Queen from Snow White, Gail Collins screeches in her latest… Continue Reading →

NY Times Questions Rubio’s Faith

I find this a bit wild. The New York Times ran a story today on Senator elect Marco Rubio’s faith. You see, he calls himself a Catholic but he attends an evangelical church. And the Times is going to get… Continue Reading →

Krugman: Tea Party a Wanna’ Be KKK

Paul Krugman of the New York Times is despicable. Today, he wrote: A note to Tea Party activists: This is not the movie you think it is. You probably imagine that you’re starring in “The Birth of a Nation,” but… Continue Reading →

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