It’s not an abortion. It’s not killing. It’s just a “reduction.” Well, if you read the New York Times, that’s the idea you’d come away with.

I could write up the horror this article reveals about our culture but Sister Toldjah does an amazing job of it at her site so please check it out.

Sister Toldjah writes:

“Twin reduction”: Our pro-death, vanity abortion culture in a nutshell.

I’ve written about the issue of abortion at this blog many times; my opinions on it are crystal clear. So it goes without saying that I’ve read many, many studies, articles, interviews, documentaries, etc on the grotesque practice of the termination of unborn life and oftentimes walk away from the illuminating pieces of information absolutely disgusted with our “me first” “if it feels good do it” casual culture – a culture made fashionable in the 60s by “progressives” who took the women’s lib movement way too far to the point that not only was the institution of marriage and a stable two-parent family unit viewed as a symbol of the “repressed, subservient woman”, but also that the precious, fragile lives of the unborn were portrayed as a “burdensome inconvenience” for the “modern woman.” And as a result, she needed “legal options” to be able to take care of the so-called burden.

Continue reading and prepare to be horrified at Sister Toldjah.