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This Is Your Team

As I think Barack Obama is destroying this country more effectively than Godzilla took out Tokyo I sat down to watch the debate the other night. As they came out I saw John Huntsman, Ron Paul, Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum,… Continue Reading →

How Social Issues Affect the Economy

The San Francisco Chronicle asks Tamara Scott of Concerned Women for America why people should care about social issues in light of the 2012 election, which seems to be shaping up to be about the economy and unemployment. Scott’s not… Continue Reading →

I’m a Pro-Gridlock American

Last night I watched all the different news programs. I even watched MSNBC for a while if you can believe it. All of the media at one point or another bemoaned that the Republican gains would mean GRIDLOCK!!!!! Oh Nooooooooooo…. Continue Reading →

Dems and Media Accuse GOP of Fraud

Remember when some girlfriend beating blogger accused Republican gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley of adultery but offered ZERO proof, the media ran with the story front and center. And you thought the media didn’t trust the blogosphere. Ha. It seems that… Continue Reading →

The Wrong Lessons from the Election

The GOP, I’m sure, will take all the wrong lessons from yesterday’s election. I just about guarantee it. Here’s yesterday’s lesson: The only major race the GOP lost yesterday was the one where they didn’t nominate a conservative. When the… Continue Reading →

Threaten The Only Thing They Care About

Why is today important? Because it might scare the Democrats. That’s why. If Virginia and NY-23 go GOP, Democrat leadership can quell any nervousness among “moderate” Democrats just by saying “there there my wobbly colleague, those two areas simply returned… Continue Reading →

The ‘Refuse To Respond’ Election

I’m just throwing it out there. I think John McCain may still win this thing and if so this may go down as the “Refuse to Respond” election. It’s not just a hunch. Here are my three main reasons. 1)… Continue Reading →

How Was The Play Mrs. Lincoln?

So while all of our focus has been on the Presidential Election and the consequences of the potential outcome, there are some other important items related to the Culture of Life/Death on ballots around the country. Proposition 8 in California…. Continue Reading →

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