The GOP, I’m sure, will take all the wrong lessons from yesterday’s election. I just about guarantee it.

Here’s yesterday’s lesson: The only major race the GOP lost yesterday was the one where they didn’t nominate a conservative.

When the GOP nominates conservatives, they win.

I fear that Michael Steele, the NRCC and the party powerful will see last night as a need to rein in the hardline conservatives that supported Hoffman over Scozzafava in New York’s 23rd congressional district.

They’ll point to Owens’ win in NY-23. They’ll say Christie didn’t emphasize his social conservative stances.

But the facts are that a pro-life candidate won in the very blue state of New Jersey. A pro-life conservative won in Virginia going away. And every time gay marriage is up for a vote as it was in Maine yesterday, traditional marriage wins.

And yet for some reason we’re supposed to run from the social issues as a sure loser? Give me a break.

Conservatives seem to win despite the Republican Party.

In fact, if you look at the actions of the GOP the past few years you’d have to ask if the GOP were trying to create a conservative third party, would they be doing anything different? I don’t think so.