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Lib: Why There’s No Conservative Journalists

Will Bunch of the Philadelphia Daily News explains why there aren’t many conservative journalists. Hilarity ensues. I’ve written several posts over the years about why more conservatives aren’t in journalism (at least on the basic reporting side — there’s a… Continue Reading →

Oh No. Not Paul Ryan Too?

John Hawkins is a little fed up (as am I) of all this “truce” talk on social issues. I guess we’re expected to let our Republican leaders deal with really important things like the economy and jobs. Hooey, says I…. Continue Reading →

How Republicans Can Get on TV

Republicans are always complaining that the media is biased. And I’m like “What?!” My goodness there are Republicans all over news programs. David Gergen, David Frum, Kathleen Parker are on television all the time. All Republicans have to do to… Continue Reading →

The Wrong Lessons from the Election

The GOP, I’m sure, will take all the wrong lessons from yesterday’s election. I just about guarantee it. Here’s yesterday’s lesson: The only major race the GOP lost yesterday was the one where they didn’t nominate a conservative. When the… Continue Reading →

NFL to Test for Conservatism

The NFL has announced that it will cancel all drug and steroid testing in the future but will immediately commence stringent testing for something far more dangerous to the league. The NFL intends to start testing players, coaches and owners… Continue Reading →

Vogue Mag Doesn’t Like Christians Much

I just read an article on Gov. Mark Sanford’s wife Jenny Sanford in Vogue Magazine. Vogue clearly (and rightly) feels some sympathy for Mrs. Sanford but their obvious distaste for her Christianity and all things conservative comes through so obviously… Continue Reading →

Are Conservative Women Hotter?

Look, I’m not sexist or anything but I am a man. A non-Perez Hilton kinda’ guy, if you know what I mean. So these ideas occur to me from time to time. I’ve always dug conservative women. Even when I… Continue Reading →

Straw Poll Meaningless. What to Watch For.

The results of the annual Conservative Political Action Convention straw poll Saturday are in…and they couldn’t be more meaningless. Romney took 20 percent of the vote, followed by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal with 14 percent, Texas Rep. Ron Paul with… Continue Reading →

Are the U.S. Bishops Conservative?

The Washington Post in a story on the conscience clause which allows health care workers to refuse to perform actions they deem objectionable, the Washington Post had this paragraph: The rule is supported by a variety of conservative groups, including… Continue Reading →

Conservative and Catholic Blogs Beware!

Please see update at the bottom of this post. Many Catholic and/or conservative blogs are being mysteriously flagged and their proprietors are being locked out of their own blogs without reason. Happy Catholic has been marked as spam and frozen…. Continue Reading →

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