Will Bunch of the Philadelphia Daily News explains why there aren’t many conservative journalists. Hilarity ensues.

I’ve written several posts over the years about why more conservatives aren’t in journalism (at least on the basic reporting side — there’s a fair number of conservative opinion writers, even in a Commie hotbed like Philadelphia). I wish there were more, frankly — it would make life easier for everyone. But the basic things that get reporters amped up to come intro work in the morning (at least before then becoming jaded or high-paid Beltway stenographers) — questioning a certain kind of authority, challenging the established version of events — aren’t part of the conservative mindset. That’s not intended as an indictment of the right — it just means that logically there have to be differences in human nature that makes some people more liberal and others more conservative, and there’s an overlap between liberal traits and journalist traits.

Then, amazingly in the same piece in which he criticizes conservatives for their inability to question authority or challenge the established version of events he criticizes them for…questioning authority and challenging the established version of events.

If you question what journalists like me write…well, good for you. On some level, that’s also true with science; that is, it’s certainly good when people question individual cases of junk science. But when people distrust a broad scientific consensus on a critical issue, that’s a problem for society, and it doesn’t have an easy answer. But when it comes to not enough Republicans in science or the media, conservatives have largely themselves — and human nature — to blame.

So isn’t a “broad consensus” something like an “established version?” But Will Bunch doesn’t mean questioning things he believes. He means bravely believing in what nearly every single person around him believes.

Here’s the thing -conservatives question global warming, they challenge the culture of death, they question skyrocketing entitlement spending, and they challenge the know-it all government bureaucracies. But, you see, according to journalists like Will Bunch those kinds of things aren’t open to questioning or challenging. That’s racist.