An abortionist wrote a long essay at the Daily Kos and it’s being cheered as speaking truth to power.

As far as I can make out the abortionist defends abortion on the grounds that religious people are stupid and Catholics are evil or something. It’s truly a hateful piece in that the whole thing is just I hate this, I hate that and don’t tell me different because you’re stupid.

He wrote it as the Daily Kos but I’m not about to send you over there but Tim Graham has a nice take down over at Newsbusters.

He begins:

I am a proud, even defiant, abortion provider…First, let me assure you that it is not that I love embryos and fetuses less, but that I love women and teenage girls more – although I must confess that I really have no love, nor any feeling at all, for insentient embryos and fetuses in the wombs of women and teenage girls who do not want them there.”

Check out the whole thing at Newsbusters.