John Hawkins is a little fed up (as am I) of all this “truce” talk on social issues. I guess we’re expected to let our Republican leaders deal with really important things like the economy and jobs. Hooey, says I.

John Hawkins says it a lot better though:

First it was Mitch Daniels who was out in public saying we need a “truce” on moral issues. This was an extraordinarily dumb thing for a man who wants to be President to say because many people, myself included, stuck him in the “I don’t know whom I’m supporting in 2012, but it won’t be him” pile the moment he said it.

Well, now Paul Ryan, whom I have great admiration for, is out there saying the same thing,

Check out the rest of Hawkins’ piece here. I think it’s pretty important reading because I get the feeling that social conservatives are about to be kicked to the curb.