Truth be told, media bias stories bore me to tears. However, I continue to feel compelled to point out the obvious when it is egregiously blatant. That bias is never more manifest than when the issue is abortion related violence. So the question today is when is abortion related violence not abortion related violence? The obvious answer: When pro-choicers are committing the violence.

The Arizona Daily Sun describes the sentencing of two pro-choice women who attacked and injured a 69 yr old man who had the effrontery to protest abortion.

To describe the assault the Arizona Daily Sun chose this as their title, “Plea Deal in Abortion Scuffle.”

Scuffle? Those crazy kids, just having a little fun. Just scuffling, ya know, with a 69 yr old man.

The first paragraph then provides some detail.

One of two women accused of scrapping with an anti-abortion protester in front of Flagstaff City Hall has decided to accept six months of unsupervised probation to make the charges go away.

Scrapping? Really? Don’t we like scrappy people? Should we like these pro-choice old man assaulters? Sure, they’re scrappy.

It pains me to have to say it, but do you think that the words scuffle and scrapping would be used if two pro-life protesters attacked and injured (even if in a minor way) a 69 yr old pro-choice protester? Of course not. Words like attack, assault, battered, maul, and bash would be the editor’s choice for that article.

Thought experiment. Imagine someone performs the scrappy scuffling on say, Larry Hendricks the assistant editor of the Arizona Daily Sun. Let’s see if we have the same words choices then.