Remember when some girlfriend beating blogger accused Republican gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley of adultery but offered ZERO proof, the media ran with the story front and center. And you thought the media didn’t trust the blogosphere. Ha. It seems that bloggers are only dubious when they say something bad about liberals.

Now, after Democrats in South Carolina voted for a man in the primary they knew nothing about (no website, no campaign, no fundraising) and woke up the next day to discover that their candidate is woefully unprepared to face Senator Jim Demint in the general election and likely facing felony charges for showing pornographic images to a college student, the Democrats and the media have found someone to blame – the GOP.

After unsuccessfully attempting to push him out of the race Democrats are now accusing Republicans of planting Alvin Greene on them.

Did Republicans force Democrats to vote for this guy in the primary? No. But completely without evidence, the media is running with the story on the GOP planting Greene as a candidate. CNN, New York Times, MSNBC, among others are following the story because Senator Jim Clyburn suggested (WITH ZERO EVIDENCE!) that it was so. And let’s please remember that election fraud is a pretty serious accusation to make without evidence.

The question they point to is where did Greene got the $10,000 it costs to register a candidacy. Who knows. But there’s absolutely not one stitch of evidence saying the Republicans did it. (It’s possible (but unlikely) they might have but the media has no evidence.)

Greene insists the money was his own.

So far 82 news stories have been written on this, according to my Google News Search using the terms “Alvin Greene” and “Republican plant.” I expect that number to continue growing throughout the day.

So just to get this straight – South Carolina Democrat voters nominate a man who has no shot at winning because he’s completely unprepared and likely has a felony indictment coming his way. And whose fault is it, according to the media and the Democrats? Republicans of course.

Expect all this to get a lot worse the closer we get to November.

Update: Jim Geraghty has a lot more on this story.