So while all of our focus has been on the Presidential Election and the consequences of the potential outcome, there are some other important items related to the Culture of Life/Death on ballots around the country.

Proposition 8 in California. This proposition would (re)define the obvious, namely that marriage is between a man and a woman. This ballot is designed to undo the legislation by judicial fiat that occurred on May 15, 2008 when the California Supreme Court, by a vote of 4–3, ruled that the previous ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional and then made up a constitutional right thereof. This proposition would undo all that. Current polls show this to be a very tight, a dead heat even. Keep an eye on this election night.

Initiated Measure 11 in South Dakota. This initiative bans most abortions in South Dakota. This initiative comes on the heels of a 2006 defeat of a similar ban but with no exceptions. This time around they have included exceptions for rape and incest. Current polling shows that SD voters are evenly split right now with split 44-44 with 12% undecided. Planned Parenthood has been pulling out all the stops to defeat this measure. Pray for it and watch it on election night.

Proposal 2 in Michigan. Michigan is one of the only states that prohibits the destruction of embryonic human life for research purposes. Proposal 2 seeks to change that. Proposal 2 would amend the constitution to allow research on leftover IVF babies. The death eaters have been pouring funds into this one as well. Again, polling shows a very tight race on this measure with 46-44 in favor of the measure. Pray, vote, and watch!

Initiative 1000 in Washington State. This initiative would legalize assisted suicide in the state. I am not sure what it is with the Northwest US and suicide, but they are determined. Unfortunately, this initiative looks likely to pass with some recent polls showing 56-38 in favor with 6% too hopeless to care. Other polls however have it closer. This one doesn’t look good, but keep an eye on it election night.

So if things don’t go the right way in the presidential race, there may be some small glimmers of hope left. If things miraculously go our way Tuesday, then some victories here may be the icing on the cake. This being CMR, however, I cannot help but wonder what would happen in the liberal bastion of Washington State if I-1000 passes and Obama loses?. Boy, that could get really ugly, fast.