If I Were a Pregnant Girl With Talent…
—From her horizontal perspective, Ebeth sees lots or irony in this election.

Obama Loving Nuns Blast Archbishop
—Nuns tell Archbishop: “You’re not the boss of me.”

Obama’s Secret Police
—This is very scary and no joke.

Conservative is the New Gay
—We’ve allowed liberalism to become our cultural default.

Gene’s Gay (Catholic) Get-together
—Gene Robinson leads retreat for gay Catholic clergy.

CMR Liveblogging Pushing Daisies Tonight!
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Sign Wars
—What I learned at the McCain campaign office.

Creative Minority Reader

When Obama Came For Them
—Courage is needed now…more than ever.

Rename Gallup the CYA Poll
—Gallup is admitting they have absolutely no idea but no matter what happens they’re right.

30 Pieces Of Silver
—How much does it take to sell out your messiah?

Great Argument for Private Sexual Morality
—What we do in life echoes in eternity.