A “Conservative evangelical” on President Obama’s Faith Council is shocked…shocked I tell you to discover that President Barack Obama doesn’t really care about the unborn!

According to CBN:

Dr. Frank Page, one of the key conservative evangelicals on President Obama’s Faith Council tells The Brody File that when it comes to the social issues surrounding President Obama’s presidency he has been disappointed and not very encouraged by the first 100 days in office.

The Brody File traveled to Taylors, South Carolina to interview Dr. Page who is Senior Pastor at Taylors First Baptist Church. He’s also former past president of the Southern Baptist Convention and has been an important conservative Evangelical voice on President Obama’s Faith Council.

When Obama said he didn’t want his daughter “punished with a baby,” I guess Dr. Page thought Obama was kidding.

Well, he meant it. And anyone who’s just realizing this now should either get a chip for finally sobering up, welcomed out of their coma, or congratulated for just learning the language. Other than those excuses, I don’t really understand how you fell for Obama in the first place.

There’s video here but here are some of the just priceless quotes from Dr. Page:

“I have not been surprised by anything our President has done but I have been surprised at the rapidity with which he has done what he has done, removal of what few protections there are for example regarding innocent unborn babies. This has happened quickly…

How can he say this when Obama said during the campaign that the first thing…the first thing he would do as President is sign the Freedom of Choice Act. Did Dr. Page think he was misspeaking?

“By and large I have not been very encouraged by our President’s first 100 days in regards to pro-life issues, in regards to sensitivity to the Evangelical community.”

Sensitive to the evangelical community? Why would he ever have thought Obama would be sensitive to the evangelical community when our dear leader made it clear that he sees middle America as just bitter people clinging to their guns and religion to explain away their frustrations.

“I have stated often that I will stay on this council as long as I thought my voice was being heard to some degree. There have been a couple instances where I’ve seen what I thought was a listening to the voice but in most instances yes there has been merely lip service given to the cause of those who want to protect the innocent and unborn.”

Ya’ think? This is President “I won.” He’s not taking advice. The One’s suggestion Inbox is closed. Has been since day One.

Well after reading these quotes you’d think that at least Dr. Page has woken up now, right? He’s seen Obama for what he truly is. Nope. Get ready for the complete non sequitur quote from Dr. Page. This one is going to kill you. Ready?

“I would say that I am cautiously optimistic because indeed it’s been a short time at this point. There is hope that yet there may be some policies enacted that might indeed reduce the number of abortions and that might indeed help responsible fatherhood in our nation, etcetera. So I do have hope. I have not lost all hope yet though it’s difficult to sit back and see policy after policy changed, executive order made or removed that effects the life of the unborn.”

OK. Either this guy is a concussion victim or this gig is such a resume enhancer that he’s just not willing to give it up. What’s going on in this guy’s head? He’s being used as cover for Obama’s wildly pro-abortion policies. Everybody not named Dr. Frank Page knows this.

Obama’s using Dr. Page just as he’s using Notre Dame. This is all part of the One’s divide and conquer strategy. I do appreciate Dr. Page for speaking his mind but he’s got to wake up to how he’s being used.