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Writer Sues Gibson for “The Passion”

This is kind of sad and kind of funny in a sad way. A screenwriter is suing Mel Gibson saying that he was underpaid for his work on “The Passion. Now, since this was a movie based on the Bible… Continue Reading →

Roger Friedman Does Not Like Mel Gibson

I started out this post intending to send up for Mel Gibson putting another cool $8M into his ‘traditionalist’ personal parish since after September 14th, the party may be over. However, I have been detoured on my quest by the… Continue Reading →

Mel’s Latin Rite Church Goes Belly Up

There is news that the Church funded by Mel Gibson that used the Latin Rite has gone belly up. This is after the ‘priest’ that performed the rite there was unable to provide his credentials when asked. St. Michael the… Continue Reading →

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