There is news that the Church funded by Mel Gibson that used the Latin Rite has gone belly up. This is after the ‘priest’ that performed the rite there was unable to provide his credentials when asked.

St. Michael the Archangel Roman Catholic Church in Unity will be sold after Saturday’s ouster of its priest, a former clergyman of the Greensburg Catholic Diocese, parish members said.

Glenn Petrone said the problems surfaced around Easter when Hutton Gibson and his wife, Joy, asked Bealko to produce documentation proving he was ordained in the Latin rite. When he couldn’t, he was asked to leave, Petrone said. Bealko celebrated his last Mass on Sunday, she said.

Hutton and Joy Gibson stopped attending Mass after Easter, and Hutton Gibson resigned from the church’s board of directors, the Petrones said.

Well, no worries. Rumor has it that the Latin Rite will soon be available at a non-schismatic parish near you. Maybe they are closing the church with the knowledge that the Motu Proprio will be out ‘soon’. I hope that the Gibsons and all their friends will find their way back into the fold when the ‘Mass of the Ages’ is available again.