Obama is set to nominate someone to the Supreme Court. There’s word on who it could be and what attributes they have but none of it matters.

The media talks of the differences between the alleged nominees but they are all simply cosmetic. Some are saying he might nominate a woman or another minority. But none of it matters because in any way that truly matters we all know exactly who Obama is going to nominate.

I’ll leave it to liberals to be obsessed with skin color and gender. I couldn’t care less.

Solicitor General Elena Kagan is reported to be the frontrunner but I honestly don’t care. Just tell me how old she is so I know approximately how long we’re going to have to put up with her. (She’s 50 so we’ll probably be suffering under her for decades to come.)

Seriously, is there any doubt that Obama will nominate a wacko leftist who will view the court as a throne from which to promulgate their pro-choice and likely anti-Christian ideology? No.

I’m trying to decide which area of Obama’s presidency will have the most calamitous long term effects? His disastrous foreign policy, his socialistic health care bill and crazy deficits, or the liberal judges he nominates to the court? They all seem so equally catastrophic to me tonight that I’m having a hard time gauging. Your thoughts?