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Supreme Court Rules Human Genes Cannot Be Patented

*subhead*Yay! Common Sense.*subhead* Political cartoon by David Horsey Almost a year ago, I wrote “Owning Genes” here at Creative Minority Report. In that post I discussed the patenting of naturally occurring human genes and how that affects your health care…. Continue Reading →

Court Considers Benefits of Children Conceived After Death

This is a fascinating case in front of the Supreme Court right now. Are children conceived via IVF after the death of the father entitled to survivor’s benefits? Women’s Health Policy Report: The Supreme Court on Monday heard oral arguments… Continue Reading →

Justice Breyer: Koran Burning Illegal?

This one worries the heck out of me. A Supreme Court Justice told a reporter that Americans may not be free to burn the Koran, likening it to shouting “fire” in a crowded movie theater. As Zip writes: So burning… Continue Reading →

We the People Means 9

Yesterday’s ruling by a California judge that overturned a ban on gay marriage is simply the latest outrage done by our black robed oligarchs in recent history. This chipping away at the moral foundations of America is not a sudden… Continue Reading →

Ordered to Stop Praying Outside Supreme Court

Can anyone be surprised at this? Fox News reports that a group of Christian students were told it was illegal to pray outside the Supreme Court building and ordered to leave. The students were part of a junior high school… Continue Reading →

2012 and The Supreme Court

Some good news, some bad news. The good news is that Justice Anthony Kennedy is going to stay on the court. The bad news is that Justice Anthony Kennedy will stay on the court. Kennedy is hardly a conservative but… Continue Reading →

Kagan’s View of a “Disaster”

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan defined a “disaster” as not getting legislation passed to keep legal a procedure that she absolutely knew that the medical community couldn’t conjure a use for. No word yet on whether she considers sticking a… Continue Reading →

NRO: Kagan’s Partial Birth Abortion Lie

National Review shows that Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan manipulated science for political purposes to keep partial birth abortion legal. You really should check out this story to really understand what a horrid justice we’re about to get: When President… Continue Reading →

Kagan’s Compromised Principles?

Elena Kagan barred military recruiters from Harvard’s campus as a protest against “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” but she didn’t find that it compromised her principles to go work for the man who created the “Don’t Ask/Don’t tell” policy? Yahoo: She… Continue Reading →

Don’t Be Fooled by Kagan’s Abortion Memo

Does this White House think pro-lifers are stupid? Not just regular stupid, I mean like Joe Biden kind of stupid. Well, it’s clear that they do. Just days after Elena Kagan was nominated to the Supreme Court by President Obama… Continue Reading →

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