Does this White House think pro-lifers are stupid? Not just regular stupid, I mean like Joe Biden kind of stupid. Well, it’s clear that they do.

Just days after Elena Kagan was nominated to the Supreme Court by President Obama some old memos from the Clinton Presidential library have leaked out from Kagan’s tenure in the White House. Weird timing, huh?

The memo I’m sure will be spun by the media as proving what a moderate Kagan is. But the facts belie the spin.

A copy of the memo is here for your perusal.

ABC News reports:

In 1997, Kagan and Bruce Reed, her boss at the Office of Domestic Policy, urged President Clinton to support a Democratic proposal to prohibit abortions late in pregnancy when a fetus might be viable, even though some abortion-rights groups opposed the proposal.

You know, this is supposed to make pro-lifers think that maybe Kagan won’t be all that bad because she urged President Clinton to support a limitation on abortion.

But what it actually shows is that Kagan is willing to play politics with abortion and she’ll do whatever it takes to ensure abortion access.

At the time of the memo in 1997, President Clinton had publicly said he opposed late-term abortions except in cases when it was necessary to save the life of the mother or prevent serious harm to her health. As we all know the health of the mother clause essentially negates the entire bill because anything and everything can be construed as the health of the mother including economic concerns.

According to the memo, Republicans at the time were trying to push through legislation banning post viability abortions, which contained an exception for the life of the mother, but no exception for her health. So what Kagan was pushing for Clinton to sign was something which pretended to limit abortion but in reality did no such thing.

Kagan wrote that she believed that if the President offered support for an amendment put up by then Senator Tom Daschle he could ensure that his veto could not be overridden. So far from being a pro-life memo Kagan’s memo is actually seeking to split the pro-life movement.

So don’t be fooled into thinking Kagan is reasonable on abortion because of what the media says about the memo.