This is a fascinating case in front of the Supreme Court right now. Are children conceived via IVF after the death of the father entitled to survivor’s benefits? Women’s Health Policy Report:

The Supreme Court on Monday heard oral arguments in a case that will decide whether children conceived through in vitro fertilization after a parent’s death can receive Social Security benefits, NPR’s “All Things Considered” reports (Totenberg, “All Things Considered,” NPR, 3/19).

The Social Security Administration since 1939 has provided a benefit to the families of deceased wage earners. However, it is unclear whether benefits should be provided to children who were not yet conceived when the wage earner died.

This is something that nobody could’ve seen coming in 1939.

One good thing is that the Supreme Court is hearing arguments about when a child is “conceived” and not when the child is born. Kinda’ interesting, isn’t it? It’s almost like they’re admitting conception is when life begins. Or something.