This is exactly why I want celebrities to stop telling me what they think. Because I want to like them but when they sound off and mock those things I hold sacred I can’t get it out of my mind.

While accepting some kind of Humanist award from Harvard, writer director Joss Whedon calls God the “sky bully” and says he didn’t feel worth anything until Obama gave atheists a shout out. “I matter. I’m a person,” he said.

Silliness for sure but I can take it. But then he veers off into an anti-Catholicism riff that kinda’ bugged me.

“I think we should have more Popes. Like you know I just think there hasn’t been a good schism in a while. So maybe like you know you’ve got three different guys saying they’ve got God’s here. Or town Pope’s. Or maybe a Fox show, “So you wanna be Pope” or “You think you can Pope.”

Joss, I want to like you. I liked “Buffy” and “Angel” and “Firefly.” I even tried to watch “Dollhouse” until I just couldn’t anymore because you seemingly forgot to make anything happen for an entire season.

Just keep your anti-Catholic humor to yourself and just write and direct please so I can continue to like your work.