Katie Walker of the American Life League said that she believes she met the Discovery Channel gunman James Lee face to face last year on June 6, 2009 for the national event called “The Pill Kills” day where they argued about the importance of human life.

I spoke with Katie Walker and exchanged emails with her this morning. She said: “Last year American Life League sponsored a national event called the Pill Kills Day on June 6, 2009. During the Washington DC events for the day – which took place at the Planned Parenthood on 16th St. – an Asian man wearing a khaki/brown hat and coat stuck a flip cam in three of our faces and started arguing with us about abortion and population control. He later uploaded the video he made to YouTube under the name “Dcprotests.” His youtube profile says he is 43 years old.”

Walker said she gave the videos to the Montgomery County police in the morning so that they can compare the audio to the hostage tapes. After listening to the tapes I can say it sure sounds like the same guy.

Walker said: “I looked this man in the face and argued with him. It’s the same guy. Notice especially the last half of the youtube video of his for his take on the value of human being’s lives…In our encounter with James J. Lee, he told us that he believes in a philosophy in which human beings are not exceptional in a way in which they should be respected and protected, but that they are exceptional in a negative way, they are a threat to the environment. In our encounter with James – he told us his biggest concern was nuclear war and overpopulation because it hurts the environment. He said that he didn’t care if “you humans kill yourselves with your stupid wars.” We recognize this as a familiar and dangerous philosophy. Disregard for human beings lives compelled us to be outside those Planned Parenthood doors that day. And it seems that James Lee took the disregard and disdain for people, for the harm they do to the environment, and yesterday decided to do something irrational about it.”

Walker remembers the man approaching her and other protestors with a small video camera and questioning them antagonistically as an atheist who was admittedly intolerant of religion, and saying “Animals are wonderful creatures…Humans are environmentally destructive and we’ve got to stop breeding or something.”

Here’s the video with the argument between the man and the protestors:

You can actually see the man we believe to be Lee filming his video in the background at the Pill Kills protest in these two videos made by “The Pill Kills” protestors:

And you can see him walk past the camera on that same day at about the 1:33 mark.

Some key quotes from the videos from the man who I believe is James Lee:

“I’m an atheist myself.”

“I don’t tolerate other people’s religion because it’s unsustainable.”

“You can’t say that we can breed as many children as we want and that the earth is unlimited. The Earth is limited. You can’t just say we have to fill the Earth, have all these children and never mind all the other creatures.”

“Having children is harmful too.”

When asked about issues he cares about he listed, “nuclear war, overpopulation.”

“I don’t care if humans destroy yourselves with your stupid wars but you’re gonna destroy the natural world. atomic bombs hurt other creatures.you wanna kill yourselves with nuclear weapons that’s up to you…”

“Why don’t you guys slice each other up with knives but please don’t hurt the wildlife…they don’t do anybody no harm.”

“Animals are wonderful creatures…Humans are environmentally destructive and we’ve got to stop breeding or something.”