An aide to an Archbishop in England is in a bit of hot water for calling England a “selfish hedonistic wasteland” and the “geopolitical epicentre of the culture of death”. Media are tearing into him, members of Parliament have commented negatively, gay activists are criticizing the Church and it’s created a big brouhaha over there.

And I’m wondering if we expected the hedonistic wasteland to respond any differently? Hedonistic wastelands don’t do introspection. And they certainly don’t want to do redemption. No. Content to feed on the ashes of civilization, the hedonists defend the wasteland. That’s what they do. Like pigs in mud, the hedonists have convinced themselves they actually like it.

There might be an argument that other countries are slightly ahead on the path to out and out hedonistic wasteland status but certainly England is doing its jolly best to being the premier hedonistic wasteland of our time.

Look at our own country which is also vying for the role of foremost hedonistic wasteland. Those who simply say that marriage is between a man and a woman are marginalized and called bigots and homophobes.

Those who oppose President Barack Obama’s healthcare plan are racists for standing against the first African American President.

Those who espouse a culture of life for everyone from the unborn to the terminally ill are called religious wackos who should stay out of secular politics.

Was it smart for the aide to say these things on the eve of the Pope’s visit? Maybe. Maybe not. The Archbishop distanced himself from the remarks of his aide so clearly he didn’t think so. With Pope Benedict coming you should probably leave the messaging to him. But to me, whether it was smart to say it or not it’s still the truth.

But we know for the future that hedonistic wastelanders prefer to work in silence, without critique. All violators will be persecuted.