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Hope for 2013: Embracing human nature

*subhead*Natural is good.*subhead* Peering into the abyss of biotechnology, I have often mused that the problem with much of what goes on in fertility clinics and laboratories of the world is a denial of human nature. The denial that living… Continue Reading →

Lib Radio Host: “Scum, Nazi Pope.”

Remember when everyone in the media lit their torches and sharpened their pitchforks for Rush Limbaugh for calling a woman who wanted the Catholic Church to pay for her contraception a “slut.” But last week a liberal radio host in… Continue Reading →

Rubio Attacks the Catholic Church

Marco Rubio loosed some hardcore bile against the Catholic Church, accusing the Church of cozying up to the Castro regime. The Daily Caller reports: Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio said Wednesday that he is “deeply concerned” that the leadership of… Continue Reading →

9/11. A Prayer

O God of love, compassion, and healing,look on us, people of many different faithsand traditions,who gather today at this site,the scene of incredible violence and pain.We ask you in your goodnessto give eternal light and peaceto all who died here—the… Continue Reading →

Is Pope Benedict XVI a Commie?

There seems to be an opinion from some conservative corners that Pope Benedict XVI is quite the commie and as dangerous to the free market as leftist icon Warren “Raise my taxes, please” Buffet. Richard Epstein of the Hoover Institution… Continue Reading →

Fr. Barron on Anti-Catholicism

Another great commentary by Fr. Barron.

Pope Visits Sick Children

I found this video of Pope Benedict XVI visiting sick children really beautiful. And it reminds me of the beauty of love and how there’s no evolutionary reason for helping the weak and suffering. But we continue to love because… Continue Reading →

Fr. Barron on Pope Benedict’s Christmas Message

A great elucidation on Pope Benedict’s recent Christmas message on renewal in the wake of moral compromise and dysfunction within the Church, especially related to the sexual abuse of children. A really important commentary.

PETA Ad: Papal Condoms

The crazies at PETA, who once compared chicken farms to the holocaust, are now using a photoshopped image of the Pope handing out condoms to encourage people to neuter their animals. I can’t even imagine what advantage can be gained… Continue Reading →

Fr. Barron on Pope Benedict’s “Light of the World”

More than the secular press can figure out.

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