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Dueling Jesuits over Condom Controversy

Fr. James Martin either doesn’t understand the intricacies of the Pope’s comments about condoms (a highly dubious prospect) or he’s being disingenuous. The problem is that disingenuousness will foster confusion among Catholics and ultimately lead to sin. The National Post… Continue Reading →

Vid: Death to the Pope

In case you’re not clear that Europe’s growing Muslim population (paired with Christians unwillingness to reproduce) is kind of a problem for Western civilization and the Church, here’s a video of how a group of Muslims reacted to the Pope’s… Continue Reading →

Pregnant Nun Ad is Back for the Pope’s Visit

Remember that story about the ice cream company with the advertisement that showed a priest and a nun looking as though they were about to kiss. That ad was banned. Now the same company have an ad showing a pregnant… Continue Reading →

When Hedonistic Wastelanders Attack

An aide to an Archbishop in England is in a bit of hot water for calling England a “selfish hedonistic wasteland” and the “geopolitical epicentre of the culture of death”. Media are tearing into him, members of Parliament have commented… Continue Reading →

Catholics for Vuvuzelas

First it was contraception, then abortion. Now the Pope wants to ban something else…Vuvuzelas. News reports indicate that Pope Benedict XVI,a former Nazi Youth and former head of the office formerly known as the Inquisition, is now banning the popular… Continue Reading →

Let’s Hope the Pope Doesn’t Act All Catholicy

We knew that some English government officials were a wee bit peeved about the Pope coming to England. They’ve shown that with their emails suggesting that the Pope visit an abortion clinic or suggesting a new brand of Pope Benedict… Continue Reading →

Pope Is Just Like Terrorist Supporting Ayatollah

Paul Wachter, an AOL News contributor, wrote a piece questioning CNN for firing a correspondent for saying nice things about a terrorist supporting Ayatollah. I’ve got to show the whole thing because it’s just too priceless. Wachter engages in some… Continue Reading →

Bishop: Time for Vatican III

Men, the forces of traditionalism have won a victory today. For decades the forces of modernism hammered away on our Vatican II front and for a while I’m sorry to say they achieved great success. And we, the forces of… Continue Reading →

The Pope’s PR Man

I’ve worked in public relations so I know some of the rules. You know who breaks all of them? Pope Benedict XVI. I’ve got to imagine that Pope Benedict’s PR man would be pretty frustrated with him about now if… Continue Reading →

CNN Owes Pope An Apology

Kyra Phillips of CNN today claimed that the Pope has failed to apologize for the sex abuse scandal. Not only is that a lie but it’s an outrageous one in that the Pope has apologized numerous times. The Pope has… Continue Reading →

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