Kyra Phillips of CNN today claimed that the Pope has failed to apologize for the sex abuse scandal. Not only is that a lie but it’s an outrageous one in that the Pope has apologized numerous times.

The Pope has apologized more for the abuse scandal than Obama apologizes for being American. And that’s saying something.

Newsbusters has the offensive transcript:

PHILLIPS: Okay. As you just heard, the Pope is asking for forgiveness, but still, there are two simple words we haven’t heard: I’m sorry.

CNN’s Paula Newton, live in Rome- so Paula, why can’t the Pope just say, I’m sorry for this global sex scandal?

And believe it or not it gets worse from there.

Matthew Balan reports:

Newton then compounded Phillips’s falsehood by answering, “Centuries of theology says that he can’t. A very formal mea culpa was really not going to happen here, Kyra, although that’s what victims’ groups said that they wanted.”

Centuries of theology prevent the Pope from apologizing? Are these people so ignorant that they could actually believe that or do they just hate the Church so much that they don’t care about their own credibility.

The Pope has apologized numerous times including here in America, in Australia and over in Ireland. And I’m sure there’s other times as well that I’m not recalling.

CNN owes the Pope an apology on this one. But something tells me CNN will be a lot more hesitant to apologize than the Pope.