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Lamest Attack on Easter…Evah!

CNN asks all the tough questions, don’t they? They asked yesterday if your Easter basket is ethical. Now, while the issue of child slave labor in cocoa fields is real, you’ve gotta’ love how CNN decides to run this right… Continue Reading →

CNN: Can a Saint Have An Abortion?

Isn’t it ironic that I find pretty much everything written at CNN’s “Belief blog” unbelievable? Steven Prothero, a Religion Professor at Boston University, in dealing with the question of possible sainthood for Dorothy Day wonders whether Catholics can abide a… Continue Reading →

CNN Clearly Hates Half the Country

CNN has officially lost its mind. OK. That may have happened a long time ago but this is just too ridiculous. CNN is having Kathy Griffin back to co-host its New Year’s Eve special, according to Media Bistro. You know… Continue Reading →

CNN: You May be an Archaic Christian

I sometimes wonder if Joy Behar, Keith Olbermann and CNN anchor Kyra Phillips are in a contest to say the most outrageously anti-Christian statement each day. Well, today CNN anchor Kyra Phillips may have won. Check out the bias in… Continue Reading →

CNN Slams Pope on Eve of UK Visit

CMR friend Matthew Balan watches CNN just so he can uncover these priceless anti-Catholic gems for us. I love when CNN talks Catholicism and all things Pope because they always embarrass themselves. Here’s Balan’s story: Predictably, Thursday’s American Morning on… Continue Reading →

CNN: Ur To Stupid To No Obama’s Rite

CNN has figured out why Obama’s poll numbers are plummeting and why so many Americans thought Obama’s speech sucked eggs. It’s because ur too stupid to understand tha wonderfulosity of Obama. Seriously. CNN reports: President Obama’s speech on the gulf… Continue Reading →

CNN Owes Pope An Apology

Kyra Phillips of CNN today claimed that the Pope has failed to apologize for the sex abuse scandal. Not only is that a lie but it’s an outrageous one in that the Pope has apologized numerous times. The Pope has… Continue Reading →

This Was Covered. This Was Mostly Ignored

This protest outside the Scripps Spelling Bee was covered by the mainstream media. The protest was two or three people urging that English words should be made less difficult to spell. They said words like “enough” should be spelled “enuff.”… Continue Reading →

CNN Poll: 39% of Americans Drunk Right Now

Shock poll. A CNN poll released Wednesday indicates that 61 percent of the public expect the president to nominate a liberal to replace John Paul Stevens on the Supreme Court. That clearly means that 39% of Americans right now are… Continue Reading →

CNN on the Coffee Party and Tea Party

Check out CNN’s love letter to the left leaning “Coffee Party”: (CNN) — In one chair sits a rural retiree, his financial security shot in the slump, a humble Southerner who’s never thought much about politics. In another seat is… Continue Reading →

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