CMR friend Matthew Balan watches CNN just so he can uncover these priceless anti-Catholic gems for us.

I love when CNN talks Catholicism and all things Pope because they always embarrass themselves. Here’s Balan’s story:

Predictably, Thursday’s American Morning on CNN marked the Pope Benedict XVI’s first day in the UK with a report on dissenting Catholic women who claimed they are ordained priests, contrary to the teachings of the Church. Correspondent Carol Costello took a misinterpretation of a recent Church document on ordination as fact, and ran only one sound bite from a Vatican official.

Substitute anchor Drew Griffin introduced Costello’s report 24 minutes into the 6 am Eastern hour with the misinterpretation of the Catholic document, forwarded by the mainstream media outlets such as Time magazine, that it condemns the simulated ordination of women as “a crime similar to pedophilia.” However, a July 16 Reuters story quoted Monsignor Charles Scicluna’s clarification: “Scicluna, an official in the Vatican’s doctrinal department, said there was no attempt to make women’s ordination and pedophilia comparable crimes under canon…law….While sexual abuse was a ‘crime against morality,’ the attempt to ordain a woman was a ‘crime against a sacrament.'”

The CNN correspondent began by highlighting the apparent negative response the Pope is receiving in the UK due to his visit: “You heard Kiran mention that Pope Benedict is now in Britain. He’s there to appeal to the millions of Catholics in that country. But his visit is not without controversy. Many tickets remain unsold, which suggest many of Britain’s Catholics are indifferent to his presence.”

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