Well this is different. A crisis pregnancy center is offering coupons for a free pizza with a visit to a crisis pregnancy center. But as odd as it is, maybe it’ll save a life because that’s what CPC’s do. They save lives. If pizza helps, so be it.

The coupon as you can see is for HIV tests, STD tests, and Pap Smears. You’d think that people who claimed they care about women would simply appreciate that. But no. It’s a CPC so therefore everything they do is evil.

You’ve got to check out the outrage from pro-aborts.

Ms. Magazine writes:

Question: Guess what genius new advertising tactic certain crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) are using to get women in the door to their fake clinics?

Could it be … listing themselves under “clinics” and “abortion” in the Yellow Pages? No, they’ve been doing that for ages. Could it be CPCs on wheels, you ask? Nope. Already tried that.

Answer: Crappy pizza. Yes, CPCs are luring women with cheap food.

Salon wrote:

A crisis pregnancy center in Minnesota tempts women with a free pizza. (Hopefully they will also provide a free soda to wash down their propaganda and pseudo science.)

And that’s from the people who say they care about women. I guess they’d rather women didn’t get pap smears, HIV tests, or STD tests as long as people who are pro-life are offering them.

Besides, it’s better than the coupons Planned Parenthood offers.

I mean come on. Let’s face it. Pizza tastes a heck of a lot better than condoms.