In case you’re not clear that Europe’s growing Muslim population (paired with Christians unwillingness to reproduce) is kind of a problem for Western civilization and the Church, here’s a video of how a group of Muslims reacted to the Pope’s recent visit to England. (Hint: They’re not happy. They get a little “Death to the Pope” on him.)

Lisa Graas of Newsreal blog writes:

Though the Crusades were fought centuries ago and are rarely, if ever, mentioned in Catholic classrooms, Muslims today who want Jihad continue to flaunt them in vengeful tones and wallow in hatred for Catholicism. So it was when Pope Benedict XVI visited the United Kingdom and was met on his itinerary by a group of angry Islamists urging for his death and calling him “responsible” for the Crusades.

Muslim demonstrators shouted “Pope Benedict, you will pay, Islam is on its way”, “Sharia is on its way”, “Justice is on its way” (a lot is coming our way, it seems) and threatened that Sharia would be “declared” against all who insult Muhammad. They shouted to the Pope, “Watch your back,” swore that he will “burn in hell” and claimed that he “deserves the death penalty.”

Meanwhile, we’re all about the hand wringing over the the WTC Mosque and because some lone nutballs are talking about burning the Koran. Remember, we’re the bad guys here. We’re eeeeeeeevil. EEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeviiiiiilllll. They’re the religion of peace, doncha know.

I’ve said this before but I really do worry about how the Vatican will fare in an increasingly Islamicized Europe. I know just by saying that I’ll be labeled a racist.