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Muslim Cleric: We Will Take Over Rome

A leading Muslim cleric has threatened…warned…said that Muslims will soon take over Rome. Egyptian Cleric Salem Abu Al-Futouh said recently that the prophet Muhammad foretold the Islamic Conquest of Rome. The Prophet Muhammad told us that Islam would spread. He… Continue Reading →

Priest Sentenced to 6 Months for Violating Church Height in Muslim Country

The Assyrian International News Agency reports that a priest has been sentenced to six months in prison for violating the local law prescribing what the height of the church could be. The court also ordered the removal of the “excess… Continue Reading →

Disconnected Logic or Just Lies

I understand that the secularist pro-abortion left is diametrically opposed to pretty much everything I stand for. I get it. But you know what drives me crazy, is that they insult my intelligence while doing so. They constantly try to… Continue Reading →

Bible Translators Edit Out “Father” and “Son” For Fear Muslims Taking Offense

So instead of baptizing “in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit” it’ll now be “In the name of Allah, his Messiahand his Holy Spirit” if some Bible translators get their way. Weasel Zippers has the… Continue Reading →

How Can We Move On?

I’ve read a number of media types including Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post say we need to move on from 9/11. Many sadly agree with him. For me, moving on isn’t possible because the horrors inflicted by many Muslims… Continue Reading →

Mitt’s Gettin’ Love from All the Wrong Places

First, Obama said that he modeled his health care plan on Romney’s. That certainly hasn’t been helping poor Mitt. But today comes another “death hug” as Zip calls it. Radical environmentalist blowhard Al Gore praised Mitt today for his stance… Continue Reading →

Muslim Ad: Jesus was a Prophet of Islam

As if chopping people’s heads off and blowing up buildings wasn’t in your face enough, now they’re putting out this ad campaign in Australia. Weasel Zippers has the info behind the story. Update: Oh nooooo!!!! Look what happened! I’m gonna’… Continue Reading →

Episcopal Church Features Islamic Call to Prayer, Koran Readings

Wow. I didn’t think the Episcopal Church could surprise me anymore. I was wrong. This Sunday an Episcopal Church in New Jersey will feature an Islamic call to prayer as well as readings from the Koran. It’s all in the… Continue Reading →

Greatest Quote About Europe Since Churchill

Print this story out. Fold it up. Put it somewhere safe. In 50 years when people are wondering what the heck happened to Europe you can put your teeth in, change your diaper, and then take it out triumphantly and… Continue Reading →

Christians Beware, Obama Considering Arming Islamic Radicals in Libya

Just put these two stories from Weasel Zippers together, let them rattle around your cranium, and then gasp in horror at the stupidity of what the Obama administration is considering. Fox News reports: A U.S. NATO commander does not rule… Continue Reading →

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