Wow. I didn’t think the Episcopal Church could surprise me anymore. I was wrong. This Sunday an Episcopal Church in New Jersey will feature an Islamic call to prayer as well as readings from the Koran. It’s all in the name of “understanding.”

How come anytime someone does something to further “understanding” I get more and more confused.

This Sunday morning, May 22, at 10 a.m., the sounds of the adhan — the Muslim call to prayer — will ring out in St. John’s Episcopal Church Montclair.

While there’s no minaret at the church, the words of “Allahu akbar,” (God is greater) will none-the-less invite both Christians and Muslims to worship side by side. During the interfaith service, verses from the Holy Qur’an will complement readings from the Holy Bible, including during Communion, embracing the traditions of both religions.

The rector of the church says the reason for the event is that he’s “grown concerned about the demonization of Muslims. I want Montclair to develop an understanding of the religion.”

OK. Let’s get this straight. Muslims all around the globe are killing Christians wherever they find them and CHRISTIANS ARE THE PROBLEM!? This knee-jerk “it’s all our fault” is getting old.

Maybe they’re doing this in hopes that radical Muslims will forcefully convert or kill them last. Don’t bet on it.

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