As if chopping people’s heads off and blowing up buildings wasn’t in your face enough, now they’re putting out this ad campaign in Australia.

Weasel Zippers has the info behind the story.

Update: Oh nooooo!!!! Look what happened!

I’m gonna’ want affidavits from all of you as to your whereabouts the past few days. We’ve got some clues though.

Look how only the bottom of the billboard was torn meaning that the person was rather short and wasn’t smart enough to prepare with a stick or anything. They didn’t venture all the way across the billboard probably due to a fear of heights.

I’m no Sherlock Holmes but I would think we’re looking for a short not very intelligent Christian who doesn’t plan very well and is likely scared of heights. My goodness, that sounds like me.

I’ve got five kids who’ll testify they were with me all the time. Any of you got alibis for this horrendous crime?

HT Weasel Zippers