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Aww. They’re Playing Suicide Bomber

I don’t know if I could imagine more horrible things than this video. Maybe if I tried but I really don’t want to. Just something about kids playing “suicide bomber” that just freaks me the heck out. HT UK Telegraph

Sayed Musa to be Freed!?

This is great news. One for the good guys. Let’s hope all goes well. Last week, I wrote a post at the National Catholic Register about Sayed Musa being put to death in Afghanistan for being a Christian. Thanks to… Continue Reading →

Defunding Abortion Like Islam Or Something

Senator Frank Lautenberg clearly needs his meds changed. Complaining about GOP attempts to defund Planned Parenthood, the genius Lautenberg dropped some pearls of wisdom on us saying those who seek to defund abortion clinics are like Muslims…or something. CNS News:… Continue Reading →

Muslim Superheroes Coming To Kids TV

This is crazy. Discovery Kids is renaming itself “Hub” and announcing a new show about superheroes your kids will love -if they’re into Sharia Law and all that. You know -Truth, Justice and the Islamic Way. Weasel Zippers reports: Hide… Continue Reading →

Vid: Death to the Pope

In case you’re not clear that Europe’s growing Muslim population (paired with Christians unwillingness to reproduce) is kind of a problem for Western civilization and the Church, here’s a video of how a group of Muslims reacted to the Pope’s… Continue Reading →

Justice Breyer: Koran Burning Illegal?

This one worries the heck out of me. A Supreme Court Justice told a reporter that Americans may not be free to burn the Koran, likening it to shouting “fire” in a crowded movie theater. As Zip writes: So burning… Continue Reading →

Let the Scales Fall from our Eyes

This post was written by a CMR friend who goes by the name “Eponymous.” The mainstream media would have us believe that Imam Rauf is a bridgebuilder. The Imam has stated as much and we should initially accept him at… Continue Reading →

Priest: Make a Baby. Save Western Civilization

Make a baby. Save Western civilization. Europe is in big trouble. The culture is becoming increasingly secularized, Christian traditions are ignored, refuted, and mocked. Christian Europeans aren’t reproducing at anywhere near the rate of Muslim immigrants. The most alarming this… Continue Reading →

If Only Paula Abdul Were Canadian…

If you can believe it, this untalented Muslim dude who sings a faux punk chick rock song and monndances on the Canadian version of American Idol has been arrested on charges of terrorist conspiracies. I can only wonder if Paula… Continue Reading →

That Would Be as Stupid As…

Putting a mosque at Ground Zero would be as crazy as…say, erecting an memorial at Shanksville, Pennsylvania for the victims of Flight 93 in the shape of an Islamic crescent. Oh wait. Never mind. This is the “Crescent of Embrace”… Continue Reading →

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