If you can believe it, this untalented Muslim dude who sings a faux punk chick rock song and monndances on the Canadian version of American Idol has been arrested on charges of terrorist conspiracies. I can only wonder if Paula Abdul were Canadian and a judge on the show maybe she would’ve voted for him to continue on the show and all of this could’ve been avoided. Just maybe extending his ridiculous dreams of a life in show business would’ve prevented him from considering killing large swaths of the Canadian population.

(Oddly, this isn’t the first time I wished that Paula lived in another country. And let’s face it, it probably won’t be the last.)

Hard to believe this guy wanted to moondance on our graves. Allegedly. (I say “allegedly” because the last thing I need is some crazy moondancing Muslim Avril Lavigne fan after me.) You gotta check out the vid:

I absolutely stole this video from Weasel Zippers who has the details on the actual charges.