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Pro-Lifers Face to Face With The Discovery Gunman?

Katie Walker of the American Life League said that she believes she met the Discovery Channel gunman James Lee face to face last year on June 6, 2009 for the national event called “The Pill Kills” day where they argued… Continue Reading →

Six Year Old Suspended for Finger Gun

Are we insane? Seriously. Has our entire country gone totally and irretrievably looney? A six year old boy was just suspended for pointing a finger gun at other students. A finger gun. Unless this kid is like Chuck Norris Jr…. Continue Reading →

Required Viewing for Former Gitmo Guests

A City Council in Montana voted 5-0 Tuesday in favor of a proposal to house terror suspects currently detained at the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo Bay in their city’s empty jail. President Obama has 240 terror suspects he has… Continue Reading →

The Swiss Will Be The Death of us All (This is a Silly Post)

I’ve read many times that one day cockroaches will take over the world. And I laughed and laughed because they don’t even have guns, planes or tanks.But guess what some idiot from wherever the Swiss are from just did.The Daily… Continue Reading →

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