OK, I’ll admit this is fun. Leftie celebrities are bashing each other. I don’t know who to root for. This is like when the Patriots play the cowboys. I’m just hoping the team busses crash into each other.

Pass the popcorn. Just to be clear, I would be the chubby baby eating popcorn in this metaphor.


Azealia Banks is a self-proclaimed witch who adheres to traditional African religion. Her religious practices became controversial when she revealed that she regularly sacrifices chickens in the hope that doing so will help her career. She tweeted a picture of herself cleaning blood out of the closet where she kills chickens. She explained her decision by saying “Real witches [do] real things.” Sia, a major proponent of animal rights, criticized the rapper, saying “Sacrificing animals for your gain is the wackest sh*t I’ve ever heard. Get ahead by being awesome, kind and working hard.” Banks responded by calling Sia ugly and demanding that the singer respect her religious practices.

So let’s see, who gets support? The batty singer spilling chicken bones in her closet in hopes of a hit or the overdramatic singer virtue signaling in search of relevance?