In no particular order and with no particular theme.

See. I told you there was no rapture before the apocalypse.

Thought myself a citizen, now know I am merely a subject. I was a good citizen.But I promise this, I won’t be a very good subject.

No, I promise I will not make a very good subject at all.

The Dread Pirate Roberts just just robbed us of our liberty.

SCOTUS just flattened the last speed bump on the road off the cliff.

Judicial restraint when facing tyranny is virtue only to the cowardly.

When rulers become manifestly lawless, eventually so will the ruled.

Obamacare: A vast dipstick conspiracy.

The Liberty Tax — There is no other way to view it.

The future belongs to those willing to fight it off.

Here endeth the lesson. The Supreme Court is not a viable backup plan.

Americacide. I suppose if you have made up your mind to commit suicide, it is better to do it faster than slower.

Justice Roberts “Peace In Our Time” Appeasement never works. Giving them half only make them hungrier.

Wow. The Mayans only missed by 176 days. Not too shabby.