Short little note here. Liberal Catholics always use polls to show they’re right. We get the 98 percent poll of Catholics actually wear condoms on a daily basis just in case they meet someone they’re attracted to on the train. We get 69 percent of Catholics support marriage between cats and dogs.

The implication is that they’re right because we’ve convinced a majority of people they are right. But the Catholic church doesn’t have a poll driven magisterium. The magisterium is to be ignored in favor of the will of the people in all things Catholic.

But that isn’t how it works in the Church, that’s how it kinda’ works in a democracy. But it seems that despite polls that say the people don’t like Obamacare, it’s right because the Supreme Court says it is. So in democracy it’s ok to have the hierarchy decide what’s right and wrong, polls be damned.

I just got one of those mass emails from the Democrat Party from Joe Biden praising Obama for pushing the Affordable Care Act even though it isn’t popular. So in a democracy, rolling over the will of the people is brave but in the Catholic Church it’s oppressive.