Hedonism requires collectivism. The moment the individual loses self discipline, the state will be urged to intercede in order to protect the individual from the consequences of his hedonism. Once the state controls consequences it controls the individual.

We exist right now at this moment in a culture pleased to be asleep, reveling in the pleasures of porn, pharmacology, and binge watching. In that world, pain can be the greatest gift. Remember, God doesn’t give us what we want but what we need.

The only thing that can save this country is a mass conversion. So when choosing your next course of action, ask yourself if it gets you closer to Heaven. Ask yourself if it makes the conversion of sinners more of less likely. 

Working towards the greater good is a wonderful distraction from the hard work of actually becoming a good person. Millions of young people are obsessed with saving the planet right now but few have the self discipline to make their beds, never mind do the hard work of bettering themselves. Don’t let saving the world distract you from saving your soul.

We  live in a dangerous time. Half the country has been relegated to outside the mainstream. We are on a continuum. When the left stops lying, you know they’ve won. I think we’re safe for now. But please recall we went from “safe, legal, and rare” to #shoutyourabortion in just two decades.

This country needs  to be awakened. Pray. Share your story.  Tell anyone and everyone  about  God and the change He has made in you.  #Shoutyourconversion. And if it’s just preaching to the choir, preach to the choir. Remind them they’re not  alone. That’s  important too. But remember, you never know  who’s listening. #shoutyourconversion.