I never ever want to hear politicians saying we’re doing something for the children. They obviously don’t give a damn about the children. Through a massive government overreach we are causing a pandemic of teen depression, suicides and overdoses due to these insane lockdowns meant to protect people over 70.
The New York Times reports, “Firmly linking teen suicides to school closings is difficult but rising mental health emergencies and suicide rates point to the toll the pandemic lockdown is taking.”
Is it really difficult? Is it? 
Alex Berenson reports that “overdose death figures are coming in for 2020. They are horrific. Maricopa County (Phoenix), had at least 700 more deaths in 2020 than 2019, with 550 more to be investigated. That’s ONE (large) county. Cook County (Chicago) also expects deaths to rise at least 750…”

I’m having trouble detailing statistics throughout our country for suicides throughout the US. I see local stories but there’s not a large scale covering of this story by national media organizations. There are far more stories about “white supremacy” than lockdown deaths.

I guess those young people killing themselves after being locked down for months, doesn’t quite fit the narrative so they must be ignored.
Lockdowns kill. It’s obvious. But the media, which is clearly on Team Lockdown, is virtually ignoring this. They make me sick.