Ah. This is clever.

First, allege that the riot on Capitol Hill was the worst and most violent thing to happen in the history of the country. Call it evil. Call it traitorous.

Now, link the riot to Christians.

The Associated Press ran a story with this lede:

“The Christian imagery and rhetoric on view during this month’s Capitol insurrection are sparking renewed debate about the societal effects of melding Christian faith with an exclusionary breed of nationalism.”

Paves the way quite well, doesn’t it? Christians are evil and traitorous, doncha’ know? Why, something must be done!!!

Mind you, these same people are telling us that Joe Biden is a “devout” Catholic. And they tell us nobody should dare question the faith of those on the left who support gender swapping or abortion. But calling conservative Christians evil traitors, like yeah, that’s totally fair game.

Pray this doesn’t continue. Expect that it will. Prepare. And keep praying.