Months ago, Dr. Fauxi told us that there was no reason to walk around with a mask on.

Then he admitted he lied to us for our own good and said that masks should essentially be mandatory.

Last week, Fauxi said double-masking was “common sense.” That’s right. Putting on two masks offers you double the protection. Yay! What about three Dr. Fauxi??!!!

Well, yesterday, Fauxi said “there’s no data that indicates that that (double masking) is going to make a difference.”
They tell us to follow the science but the science seems all over the place and maybe its enjoying the limelight a little too much.

This guy lied to us, admitted he lied to us, and then made up science. And we’re supposed to keep listening to him?

Here’s the thing. People are. I ran to the store the other day to prepare for the snowpocalypse and saw a great number of people already double masking it, presumably at the behest of Fauxi. Me? I don’t trust anything the government has to say. If anyone in power says it or the media parrots it, that’s the start of a process for me. I’m checking the facts, I’m verifying. I believe NOTHING the media and the government tells me.