So, is this a “yeah, England is definitely doomed thing” or is this more like a “women want to talk about their feelings and the guy just wants to talk solutions but he should just shutup and stop trying to fix things” thing?

The two things are not mutually exclusive either. It might be both. Here we have Piers Morgan saying hey, shouldn’t we be doing SOMETHING about this ideology of hate coming out of the Muslim world but the women on the show become horrified that he would say such a thing.

But he’s not even saying what we should do. He’s just saying we should be kind of angry about what happened and do SOMETHING about it. To me, that seems like a perfectly legitimate thing to say. Forget legitimate, it’s a necessary thing to just start a conversation. But the others on the panel don’t even wsnt the conversation to begin. Nope. They’re not having it.

And shutting off conversation seems like an awfully odd thing to do on a TALK SHOW!!! But it’s not just talk shows. Are the people who are making decisions just shutting off the conversations in the same way? Is it still not “legitimate” or something to discuss the fact that a rather unsettling number of Islamists are blowing up people?

I keep thinking we’re waking up. And then I think we’re not. In the end, I think we’d rather feel good about ourselves for not having the conversation than actually saving lives. It seems strange to me. But for many of these folks, the bomb is not effecting them so they can continue stifling actual conversation as a show of their own virtue.

Look, I wrote an entire book about love in the face of anti-Christian discrimination and violence. I’m all about it. But it doesn’t mean we need to be stupid. We have to get past the sads, right? We have to appreciate the love people show to the injured and bereaved. But don’t we actually also have to do something else? Like make sure this doesn’t happen every month or two?

Isn’t it a little ridiculous that after some random violence of anti-abortionists (and nothing close to the level of Islamic radicals), leftists in the 90’s wanted RICO statutes brought against pro-lifers, they wanted wide and spacious border control around abortion clinics to prevent pro-lifers from even coming near abortion clinics, and they wanted a national dialogue about preventing future violence from anti-abortionists. Do we remember that? So, my take, is that if Muslims were bombing abortion clinics, the left would be praising Trump’s temporary ban of immigrants from Muslim-dominated countries.