The guy was preaching about fifty feet away from a DMV that people were standing outside waiting for it to open. The charges were “impeding an open business.”

Two things:
1) They weren’t impeding anyone. They might have been annoying some but they certainly weren’t impeding.

2) And the DMV wasn’t open yet which was why people were standing outside. How can you impede a business whose doors are locked? Duh!

So, in short, they weren’t impeding and it was a closed business. But let’s face it, they were arrested for preaching. Yeah, it’s that simple. Can it be annoying to have some dude yelling at you early in the morning? Sure. But do we live in a country now that arrests people because people find them annoying? If so, that’s pretty scary. And dangerous.

With this as precedent, anytime someone hears someone preaching and are annoyed by it, an arrest can be made.

Check out the vid: