Remember when some evangelist said that the hurricane in New Orleans was a punishment from God and everyone freaked out on him. Well, Brian Williams is essentially saying the same thing in his little cutesy paganesque way.

Williams, like a caveman, saw bad weather and destruction and assumed that man had done something to deserve such bad weather. Next thing you know, he’s going to be seeking to offer a sacrifice to the gods to assuage them. I guess he’ll seek to toss businesses and jobs on the sacrificial fire.

Blue Collar Philosopher writes:

Belief in man made global warming, the belief that man’s activity can create and change weather, is a religious belief. Brian Williams on NBC’s Nightly News affirmed it in the form of a question. He wonders what we are doing that lead to the tornadoes in Alabama.

And the claim that it is “irresponsible” not to mention climate change in this story is propagated by the Left. One would think there had never been any tornadoes or bad weather prior to the Industrial Revolution. Left wing religious fanaticism is reaching dangerous levels over the fear of global warming.

So let me get this right. According to Brian Williams, if we’d all just live like Brian Williams wants us to, there would be nothing but sunshiney days and cool breezy nights. And probably rainbows too.

Anything less and Brian Williams would be looking to blame somebody. And you don’t want to be blamed by Brian Williams. Nobody does.

Exit thought: I wonder if Brian Williams took a jet down to Alabama? So maybe Brian Williams is to blame. Wonder if he ever thought of that.